No one would think that there ever was an entertainment scene in 2020. Without warning, the people across the globe wanted self preservation more than to be entertained. And then 2021 happened with still no clear answer of what the future of entertainment would look like. But random individuals can come together and think about the need to do music now more than ever. With unwithered passion for music, these people remained hopeful and were able to make the most out of the difficult times. What started as unplanned jamming sessions became frequent, scheduled band rehearsals. Led and managed by 1Radio Founder DJ Eric, the 1Radio Sessions Band committed to a hopeful start. Inspired by the now popular trend of musical artists live streaming on various platforms, the 1Radio Sessions Band was formed with its first episode airing last September 24, 2021. A follow up session streamed last October 16 which featured the three main Vocalists – Steve, Naddie and Hillford.

Young, hopeful and vibrant, the band projects itself as the sound of the new generation without losing its deep respect and admiration for the household classics. It is committed to providing versatility, vocal prowess and quality rhythm to all its audience. The band explores and works hard to perform not just contemporary hits but also the immortal hits of the 70s, 80s and 90s. Proud newcomer in the music scene, the band does not fall short of talent and experience with its members coming from credible backgrounds.

One of its Vocalists is the charming lad Steve Almojallas who is both a DJ and Singer of 1Radio. Steve hails from Lanao Del Norte, Philippines and finished Second Runner Up of the successful Singing Competition produced by 1Radio titled “The One”. Steve is best adored for his R’n’B tone and skills. Steve loves to travel and explore other places. He also enjoys cooking for his loved ones with all his signature dishes. Hillford Bacala, a balladeer originally from Leyte, Philippines is the other Male frontrunner of the band. Hillford finished as Champion of 1Radio’s Singing Competition “The One”. He had also bested other singers during competitions back in the Philippines.  Hillford has a bubbly personality who loves the outdoors and Broadway shows. Aside from singing professionally, he also has a green thumb and enjoys taking care of indoor plants. To complete the dynamic trio is Naddie Tejam, a singer, writer and Voice Artist from Dumaguete City, Philippines. Naddie considers herself blessed to be one with the “men” and humbly carries an important role as the only Female Vocalist for the band. Naddie virtually manages a business in the Philippines and is married to 1Radio’s DJ Chico. She migrated to the US in 2020 and started her venture as a professional singer in the Chicago area.

The band’s rhythm section is equally composed of amazing gentlemen. Its Lead Guitarist is Miggy Tenorio, incredibly the youngest (and cutest member) in the group. A proud homegrown talent of Caloocan City, Philippines, Miggy has a strong interest in modern music equipment. Miggy used to play Rock and has since developed his own musicality for other genres. The band’s Bass Guitar player is Anthony Lloyd, the tallest guy in the group with the best sense of humor. Originally from Dipolog City, Philippines, Anthony loves music, spending time with friends and is a foodie. Next up is the band’s Rhythm Guitarist John Hernandez or better known as Caloy. Caloy originally hails from Pampanga, Philippines and is an excellent Cook. Caloy is also a singer and was able to perform for various shows. Lastly, but definitely vital for a complete rhythm is the man behind the drums – Junver Isuga also known as June. June is a doting family man and hails from Cavite, Philippines. Back in his home country, June played professionally as a drummer under OctoArts Entertainment supervised by Producer and Songwriter Jan Ilacad.

Today’s big challenge is in finding the right musicians to make your occasions one of a kind and worth every penny. No one knows exactly what the future holds but Music has always been one of the most healing and encouraging forces behind this worldwide crisis. During the holidays, the band was able to raise a good amount in order to help the victims of Typhoon Odette in the Philippines. The 1Radio Sessions Band Christmas Special happened on December 18, 2021 and it was dedicated to all those severely affected by the calamity. Music is supposed to bind us together. It is humanity’s greatest gift. 1Radio Sessions Band is utterly not just a group of musicians but a solidified force that promotes healing, change and positivity for ALL.